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Why is this election so important for our community?

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  • CIVIL RIGHTS: The next President will appoint up to four individuals to lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. George Bush has appointed many judges who oppose the ADA. As President, John Kerry has pledged to full enforcement of the ADA

  • EMPLOYMENT: George Bush has failed to enforce former President Clinton's Executive Order mandating the hiring of 100,000 persons with disabilities to the Federal payroll. As President, John Kerry has pledged to implement this Executive Order.

  • EDUCATION: Under George Bush, the Federal Government has failed to provide adequate funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. John Kerry has pledged to fully fund IDEA. He will also insure that "No Child Left Behind" works for schools, states, and teachers by rewarding those who meet higher standards and rewarding schools that turn around and improve.

  • PERSONAL CARE SERVICES: George Bush has fallen short on implementation of the Olmstead Supreme Court decision, mandating support for Community-based Services as an alternative to nursing home placement and institutionalization. John Kerry has pledged support for MiCASSA and Money Follows the Individual, ensuring access to community based services.

  • MEDICARE: George Bush passed a Medicare prescription drug bill that did nothing to stop soaring prescription drugs costs. John Kerry and John Edwards support a real, meaningful affordable drug benefit that doesn't force seniors and PWDs into HMOs, is run by Medicare instead of private insurance companies that charge seniors and PWDs whatever they want, and provides real relief to every senior no matter where they live. The Kerry-Edwards plan will cut prescription drugs costs by:

    1. requiring the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate better prices for prescription drugs, rather than paying the highest prices

    2. allowing reimportation of safe, FDA-approved drugs so that Americans can get the discounts on medications that are available in Canada and other countries

    3. requiring transparency rules for Pharmacy Benefit Managers that do business with the Federal government to reveal their profits from the drug industry and bulk purchasing, and

    4. helping states provide discounts to other populations by giving them incentives to implement more efficient contracting to obtain better rates for prescription drugs.

  • MENTAL HEALTH: John Kerry is pledged to support the Paul Wellstone Mental Health Medical Treatment Act, ensuring parity in health insurance benefits.

By voting for the following candidates for Congress you help ensure that
The Kerry/Edwards "Community First" Program for Persons with Disabilities can be enacted



  • 13th Congressional District (Brooklyn/Staten lsland) - Frank J. Barbaro;

Elect a Democratic State Legislature
Ensure the passage of legislation benefiting our community!

State Senate

  • 5th State District (Suffolk/Nassau): Charles Brisbane
  • 7th State District (Nassau): Martin M. Marshak
  • 8th State District (Suffolk/Nassau): John R. Lewis, Jr.
  • 23rd State District (Staten Island/Brooklyn): Diane J. Savino
  • 28th State District (Bronx/Manhattan): Jose Serrano
  • 35th State District (Westchester): Andrea Stewart-Cousins


  • 12th District (Nassau) - William R. Funk
  • 14th District (Nassau) - Daniel A. Torres
  • 19th District (Nassau) - Jay L.T. Breakstone
  • 21st District (Nassau) - George E. Bassias
  • 82nd District (Bronx) - Michael R. Benedetto
  • 90th District (Westchester) - George Latimer

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandates that all federally funded programs must be accessible to people with disabilities. It is the precursor of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The 54 million Americans with Disabilities, their friends and families are a sleeping giant just beginning to emerge as a major force on the political scene. Since 1983 the 504 Democratic Club has been the political voice of persons with disabilities in NYC. You can support us on our long march to equality by joining, becoming involved, and participating in our decision-making process. We are the first Democratic Club in the country focusing on disability rights!

"Vote as if your life depended on it, because it does!" - Justin Dart

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I want to join the 504 Democratic Club!
--Enclosed are my dues for 2005--
__$5 (unemployed)  __$10 (regular)  __$25 (sponsor)  __$100 (Life)
To: Marty Sesmer, Treasurer, 332 East 29th St., #5A, NY NY 10016



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