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Clark's Campaign Event Accessibility Guidelines

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Ensuring the participation of persons with disabilities at public events


  1. Is the event site convenient to accessible public transportation?

  2. Is there a clearly marked, accessible path from the street and sidewalk onto the site, and to an accessible entrance? If the path for wheelchair users and others who cannot use stairs or steps is different from the regular path, it should be marked with clear directional signs with the wheelchair symbol.

  3. Does the parking include the required number of accessible parking spaces and include at least one van accessible space? Are the spaces marked with the correct signs?

  4. Is there at least one accessible public entrance to the building? The entrance should not be through a kitchen or other back way, and it is preferable if the main public entrance is accessible. Be sure that:

    • the entrance has no steps (or a legal ramp with handrails) and a level landing and threshold

    • the door is wide enough for wheelchairs and has an adequate space next to the door for the wheelchair user

    • the door is not heavy and can be opened without use of the fingers. Automatic door openers are preferable. If not all entrances are accessible, accessible entrances should be marked with the wheelchair symbol, and directional signs should be placed near inaccessible entrances that direct to the nearest accessible entrance.

  5. Inside the building where the event is being held, is the directional signage easy to read? Directional signs should have high dark/light contrast, have matte rather than shiny backgrounds and letters, and have reasonably large, non-decorative type. If the meeting place is not on the main floor, there should be directional signs to the elevator.

    Are meeting rooms, public restrooms and exits marked with signs that are readable by touch? They should have uppercase, raised letters or numbers, and include Braille.

  6. Are public restrooms available that are wheelchair accessible? If all restrooms in the facility are not accessible, accessible restrooms should be marked with the wheelchair symbol, and inaccessible restrooms should have a sign directing to the nearest accessible restroom.

  7. Is there access to a raised speaker's platform? If the speaker's platform is raised, a portable ramp may need to be provided.

  8. In rooms with fixed seating, are there wheelchair accessible spaces, with companion seating? It is preferable if there are seating choices throughout the room rather than all clustered at the front or back of the room.

  9. Have arrangements been made for a sign language translator? People who are deaf should be able to request this accommodation in advance of the meeting.

  10. Are materials available in alternate formats? When meetings are held where many seniors will be present, large print materials (18 pt type is preferable) will be helpful.

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