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Homebound in Queensborough Community College to Close on August 31

Dear Members:

It's sad for me to share this news; the External Education Program for the Homebound in Queensborough Community College will be closed on August 31, 2005. After, twenty-eighth years, this program will be close for those students with disabilities that take classes at home.

Everything about this program that was so special and unique for students will be gone. Computers, video conferencing, Softboards, and other types of telecommunication technology were used to communicate with students directly from the classroom. The uniqueness of all wonderful people at the office with such kind hearts that always listens and helps will be gone. I will miss you.

I don't know how you feel. This decision really breaks my heart because now many students like me will not have the opportunity that I had when I thought my life has no purpose as a disabled person. I don't know what else we can do in order to improve our opportunities. However, I urge you to put our heads together, if there is any hope.

Madeline Gomez Schwartz