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Vote On November 2 for Kerry and Edwards!

Justin Dart used to say, "Vote as if your life depended upon it, because it does!" For those of us within the community of persons with disabilities, this may be the most important election of our lifetimes. With so much riding on winning the Presidency, the Senate and House of Representatives, and control of the State Legislature, we need to adopt Kerry's "one in 5" rule-- you need to bring 5 voters to the polls with you!

The next President will choose up to four new Supreme Court Justices. If we are to go by George Bush's past history and stated preferences, we know that he will choose judges who will further erode our hard-won rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

John Kerry and John Edwards are committed to appointing judges who will uphold the A.D.A., re-instating President Clinton's Executive Order to hire 100,000 persons with disabilities to the Federal payroll, supporting deinstitutionalization through MiCASSA and Money Follows the Individual, supporting embryonic stem cell research, and parity in health insurance for mental health. They support a real medicare prescription benefit where the federal government negotiates with the drug companies for the lowest prices.

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New York is considered a "blue" or safe state for the Kerry-Edwards ticket, and many activists have been campaigning and making telephone calls to voters in the "battleground" states. However, underneath the radar, there is one contest of importance to people with disabilities locally-control of the State Senate.

New York has long been controlled by the "three men in a room," Governor Pataki, Assembly Speaker Silver, and State Senate Majority Leader Bruno. The Legislature has been so dysfunctional that it has been called the "worst in the country," With cries for "reform." One way to assure "reform" is to obtain a Majority for the Senate Democrats, led by our own champion, David Paterson.

Moreover, legislation such as expansion of SCRIE (Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption) and EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage) to persons with disabilities based upon income and not age, and Timothy's Law granting parity in health insurance to mental health, routinely passes the Assembly to get bottled up in the Senate.

The 504 Democratic Club is supporting new and progressive candidates for State Senate throughout the Metropoltian area. They include Charles Brisbane, Martin Marshak, and John Lewis, Jr. in Nassau, Diane Savino in Staten Island/Brooklyn, Jose Serrano in Manhattan and the Bronx, Jeffrey Klein in the Bronx and Westchester, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins in Westchester.

Jose Serrano's district includes Roosevelt Island, where the Club registered 100 new voters this year at Coler and Goldwater Hospitals, and we can have a real impact on this election. If you can help on Roosevelt Island on Election Day, call Alexander at (917) 498-2399 or Micah at
(646) 325-6470.

Vote for our endorsed candidates

President and Vice President: JOHN KERRY and JOHN EDWARDS

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The 54 million Americans with Disabilities, their friends and families are a sleeping giant just beginning to emerge as a major force on the political scene. Since 1983 the 504 Democratic Club has been the political voice of persons with disabilities in NYC. You can support us on our long march to equality by joining, becoming involved, and participating in our decision-making process. 504 Dems is the first Democratic Club in the country focusing on disability rights! If you are not a Life Member, you need to submit your dues for 2005.

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