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photo of Carolyn B. Maloney
2008 Congressional Screening Questionnaire

Candidate Name: Carolyn B. Maloney

Candidate for Congressional District: 14


Campaign Name: Maloney for Congress

Campaign Address: 24 East 93rd Street (1B), New York, NY 10028 (Fundraising and Mailing Address only)

If you have a campaign office, is it wheelchair accessible? No. We are not running my campaign out of this location. I do not have a serious challenger, and am devoting my efforts to other campaigns.

If you are an incumbent, is your district office wheelchair accessible? Yes

Campaign Manager: Andrew R. Tulloch

Phone: 212 - 987 - 5516

Fax: 212 - 987 - 5058

Email: andrew @


Previous elected offices held: Incumbent, New York City Councilmember

Previous appointed offices held:

  1. Director, N.Y.S. Assembly Committee on Cities
  2. Director, N.Y.S. Senate Minority, Office of Special Projects


Key endorsements: See website



  1. Action Shows Commitment


    1. While in public office/prior to this campaign, what have you accomplished in regard to advancing disability rights? This can include work towards accessible housing, transportation, employment, health care, education, and including people with disabilities in the political process?



      My record on 504 issues has been consistently supportive over the years and I was pleased to be endorsed by the 504 Democratic Club. Recently, I have held meetings and hearings on ballot access issues including protecting both accessibility along with the verified vote trail.


    2. Will you commit to only attend and/or sponsor events that are accessible to people with disabilities (PWDs) including providing written materials in alternate formats, providing assistive listening systems, and sign language interpreters as well as ensuring that locations are physically accessible?



      In most cases I attend only events accessible to people with disabilities. I have produced a large type visual DVD at my own expense to supplement my book signing events.


  2. General Questions:


    1. What personal and professional experience have you had with people with disabilities in your personal life and in the workplace?



      My governmental and campaign offices in the City Council and the Congress have hired, retained, promoted and aided staff and interns with disabilities. Assemblyman Micah Kellner is an example of an individual who I hired for my campaign, then in our congressional office and supported and promoted him in his career advancement with the NYC Council and NYC comptroller. I was the first elected official to endorse him for Assembly.


    2. Are you willing to hire and to provide reasonable accommodation (e.g. flex or part time) for staff members with disabilities?





    3. How will you work closely with the disability community to assure passage of vitally needed legislation through the Congress and what will be your strategy?



      Stay in touch with 504 Democratic Club and seek the counsel and advice of my colleague Assembly member Micah Kellner.


  3. Legislation


    1. The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Fairness Act would permit parents and guardians who successfully bring an action or proceeding which enforces IDEA to be awarded expert witness fees and certain other expenses. Will you sponsor this legislation?



      I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.


    2. The ADA Restoration Act seeks to reassert the original intent of Congress after much weakening by Federal judges appointed by both Presidents Bush. Will you sponsor this legislation?



      I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.


    3. The proposed Community Choice Act would allow persons with disabilities and older Americans equal access to community-based attendant supports rather than nursing home placement. Will you sponsor this legislation?



      I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.


    4. The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act would help individuals with functional impairments and their families to pay for services and supports they need to maximize functionality and independence and have choices about community participation, education and employment. Will you sponsor this legislation?



      I will co-sponsor this legislation.


    5. The Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act would require equity in the provision of mental health and substance-related disorder benefits under group health plans. Will you sponsor this legislation?



      I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.


    6. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act would enhance and further research into paralysis and the quality of life for persons living with paralysis and other physical disabilities. Will you sponsor this legislation?



      I am a co-sponsor of this legislation actively, and have personally pursued funding for research progress. They were friends of mine and supported my work on stem cell research issues, and now I want to return their help.


Date: August 4, 2008